January 3, 2010

Soaking vs. Sleeping

Today I began my day with just listening to The Call, the CD I had on yesterday. Sundays are actually going to be the hardest for me, because I am on worship at my church, which means that I need to be out the door by 7:15, which is only 15 minutes after I normally get up for the rest of the week. So setting my alarm for 5am instead of 6 was quite painful.

But no one ever said that you have to dance and sing to worship the Lord, and in fact sometimes it is best to just sit and soak up the words of worship songs. So I got out my Snuggie and my yoga mat, and attempted to get comfortable (but not too comefortable) to listen to the music.

To be honest, I slept through some of the songs. But I also picked up on some phrases that had resonated with me yesterday, and I have a feeling like I should listen to this CD for the rest of the first week of the fast, so that the words will resound even more, and will write themselves on my heart. So as I go through the day when I face stress or fear or a loss of self-worth, or even pride, these words can return to my head and heart and I will know it is God speaking to me.

So no great revelation today other than the fact that there is a difference between soaking up music and sleeping through it, but that we are fully within our rights to soak and in fact it is a calming, soothing practice. I do suggest, however, that you make sure you're not too comfortable. :)

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