January 4, 2010

Sereneity Now

So I'll be honest, there's a good chance that I will spend a portion (or the majority) of this extra morning hour curled up on the couch, semi-conscious. I do not want it to be this way every morning, because I need to spend some time in the Word also. But you know what, The Call is a very soothing CD, and I have to say that after an hour of listening to it/dozing, I do feel much more calm than I normally do on a Monday morning, especially a Monday morning after a weekend of working and no more long weekends to look forward to.

I mean, seriously, I spent a good hour last night complaining about work to a friend. It felt good to get it off my chest at the time, but there's always a chance of carryover, alyways the risk of saying "oh man, here we go again. I sure hope today doesn't suck." And while, yes, I do hope that the day doesn't suck, I feel much more connected to the Reality that God created this day, and that He has a plan for me in it. I don't know exactly what that plan is, but I'm sure it has at least a little to do with bringing His Light into my workspace, instead of allowing myself to be a little thundercloud of emotional garbage.

So I pray today for myself, Lord, and for anyone who may be reading this, that You would be the light shining through me today, that my actions would not be colored by my own emotions but by Your Grace. I can do nothing of my own strength but by your power I can move mountains. I believe you are the highest power, the source of all things good, and I accept that I can tap into that source at any time if I just open my mouth and confess your glory. Help me to confess your glory today, Lord. Amen.

And I believe that God has spoken, as He often does in flashes of insight. "Serenity now" isn't just the title of my blog or a silly phrase from Seinfeld, but it is a true concept which He will grant me if I but ask throughout my day, so that I can be the light in an otherwise dark day. Serenity now, Lord. Serenity now.

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  1. Keep it up, girl. You are doing great. It will be so worth it!!! :)


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