March 26, 2010

Rejoice in the Promise

I rejoice in your promise like one who finds great spoil. (Psalm 119:162)

Did you know that we live in the time where the Kingdom is here, and not here yet? That Jesus Christ was the living harbringer of the Kingdom of God? And with his death and victory over Satan, Jesus opened up the possibility of God's great wisdom and power to abide in each and every one of us.

Only, it's not complete yet, because we are yet sinners and unfaithful to our covenant with God.

Wow, them's some heavy words, eh?

But here's what I'm using them to get at: God has a promise for us. But it is not fully realized yet. Part of it could just be because it's not time yet. I mean, if God has great things in store for me later in life, well then I won't see that plan come to fruition until... later in my life.

What I'm really trying to get at here is that we should thank God for the promises that He will fulfil for us, but just hasn't yet. For example, I thank God for the promise of love, the promise of a stable home, strong finances, beautiful children, and a career that is aligned with my God-given gifts and talents. I haven't seen all of those yet. But I thank God for them, because they will come. I know that God has not made me to be single my whole life. So I thank Him now that He can see what will happen, and that He will bring blessings into my life.

I feel as though my words don't even begin to touch on what I'm trying to say here. I might have to come back and rework this post, or continue writing on it. Because I think that this is one of the most important things I've tried to say since I started blogging, and it's just not coming out right. So stay tuned for possible continuation. And thank God that His Word is complete. :)

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