May 11, 2010

Rest... It's Good For You

For anyone who enters God's rest also rests from his own work, just as God did from his. (Hebrews 4:10)

Hello there! I took a long weekend from work, so I took the time off of doing this blog as well. Not that I can't or shouldn't study the Bible on my days off, but the decision I made was to do this every weekday before work.

But this whole thing of work and not working has been on my mind a lot lately, and especially the idea of rest. Last night I was actually in bed for 8 whole hours. I did wake up once during the thunderstorm, but otherwise I slept well. And you know what, for the first time I feel a little more ready to tackle my work week. And let me tell you, lately I have not felt ready to tackle anything having to do with work!

And I think one of the biggest reasons is that I rested. Now, I still had a fairly busy weekend, and I didn't get as much sleep any other night as I could or should have, but still, just being away from work sometimes is amazing. And necessary.

God Himself worked for 6 days, then rested. If the creator of the universe can decide that He needs a day to not work, who are we to tell him otherwise? The sabbath is a holy day. Unfortunately Sunday often becomes just as busy as any other day, especially if you're involved in a Sunday morning church ministry.

But the point for me today is that we must all find our sabbath. We must all find our rest, our time away from work. Put down the BlackBerry and focus on renewing your mind, body, and soul. Those questions that everybody at work thinks are so urgent? Unless you are a doctor, they can probably wait.

So this week, let's all try to find some Sabbath time. Maybe it's reading the Bible during your nightly bath, or reciting scripture to yourself in the shower. Perhaps it's praying on your walk to work. And perhaps it is truly setting aside a day to just not do anything. Can you believe that resting is an act of worship too? I believe it is. I believe when we rest (not when we are lazy, but when we truly rest) we are saying to God "Ok, I know you've got this covered. So I'm just gonna hang out and enjoy your magesty."

Let's all rest sometime this week.


  1. I'm on a blogging sabbatical...enforced by a not so happy husband...he asked that I delete my blogs as they are um...embarrassing am just lurking others and writing...but keeping them private for the moment.

    In the midst of that this weekend...I had one of those moments Sunday afternoon where I was so caught up in "Doing" something to fix our issues...that I couldn't relax...and it was like God smacked me and said - "look - just chill out - I got your back! ok?"

    And I promptly fell sound asleep for THREE HOURS on my couch. I woke up to my 2 year old prying my eyes open and asking for a treat.

    Sometimes....we do just need to "be still and know that I AM GOD." rest our spirits in him...knowing he alone can fix things.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. I think that is great advice! I don't really remember the last time I set aside a day to truly rest and recup in God.


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